A Review on LeBistro Bali Robusta Coffee

It was my third cup of Bali Robusta coffee from LeBistro, when I was writing this blog. I have to say, it is starting to grow on me after the third cup in three days.

When we first received LeBistro Bali Robusta coffee beans from the awesome people of PBC Coffee, we were quite reluctant. One of the reasons is that Robusta coffee is not our go to coffee. For years and years of consuming coffee, Arabica coffee has always been our preferable choice. We had a few Robusta here and there but it had never been our cup of coffee. Despite the hesitation, we got our brewing equipment out and gave it a go. There was when our impression on Robusta coffee started to change.

Bali Robusta from LeBistro has a strong, full bodied, full crema, and a slightly bitter taste. Besides that, it also has a hint of nuttiness to it. It tastes a lot different from other Robusta coffee that we had before. Most of the Robusta coffees that we had in the past were mostly taste too harsh and rubbery overtones. We did not experience any of that in LeBistro Bali Robusta. A pleasant nuttiness and acceptable bitterness taste were our overall experience. I personally like the slight bitter after taste.

However, please be mindful that we were using the pour over brewing method. We think the mentioned strong profile and taste were toned down a little as most of the oil and micro-grounds were filtered out by the filter paper. We believe it might taste a lot stronger if we were using an espresso machine. Then again, we prefer the pour over brewing method more.

Drinking coffee is part of our life. The missus and I drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day. Although we are not a professional barista or a coffee sommelier, it is still safe that say that we know a tiny bit about freshly brewed coffee. LeBistro Bali Robusta is a great Robusta coffee that we have never had in a while. So, should you try LeBistro Bali Robusta? It is a definitely yes!


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