Hario Pour-over Coffee, Simple and Delicious.

When Ellie asked Joel her surrogate father where did he get his coffee from? Joel replied “From the people who came through Jackson last week. A little embarrass as what I had to trade to get it, but..” He took another sip of his coffee and continued “it’s not bad”. A final scene from the highly polarizing video game of all time, The Last of Us Part 2.

If I were to put myself in Joel Miller shoes who struggles everyday to survive in the apocalyptic zombie world, I would do the same for a cup of coffee 😉

For coffee addicts like us, nothing beats a freshly brewed delicious coffee in the morning. Aside from feeling awake in the morning because of the caffeine, you might also feel the satisfaction of brewing your own cup of coffee.

There are many ways to make a decent cup of coffee at home, but we think the pour-over method from Hario is the simplest and would not break your bank. To make a decent pour-over coffee, here are all the equipment that you need:

  • Coffee grinder

  • Hario V60-01 Filter paper

  • V60-01 dripper

  • Gooseneck kettle – A liter Hario gooseneck kettle that you could directly boil your water on is expensive. We would suggest you get a  mini gooseneck kettle like what we are using for cheaper alternative.

  • Hario V60 server (optional) – This server makes our life easier as it has indication written on the server so we know how  much water we need. However, it is optional as you could just do pour over on your glass with the right water amount.

If you spend wisely and get it while they are on deals, it might cost you around 200 Ringgit (about 50 USD). Trust us, it would be money well spent if you are a coffee lover. Now, it is time to brew coffee!



We would start by grinding 12g (for a cup of coffee) of coffee beans with the grinder. We want it medium or fine medium ground.

Next, we would fold the V60 filter seam.

Open it up and place it on the V60 dripper. Place the dripper on top of the server or coffee cup. Rinse the filter with hot water. This is to remove the papery taste of the filter paper.

Dispose the papery taste water away and pour the ground coffee onto the filter. Now we are going to bloom the coffee. Pour a bit of hot but not boiling water (90-95 degree C) on the ground coffee just to wet the coffee. Let it blooms for about 40 second.

After 40 second, gently pour the remaining hot water from the gooseneck kettle to the coffee with a circular motion from center out. Avoid pouring the hot water on the paper as it might make your coffee taste a bit papery.

If you are using Hario serve, there will be clear indication on how much hot water is needed for a cup of coffee. If not, just remember the ratio of 1:13. 12g of ground coffee equal to 156g or 156ml of hot water.

The brewing process would take a few minutes and the coffee would drip into the bottom server. Once the dripping stopped, your coffee is readied to be served!



In conclusion, Hario V60 is a great product with reasonable price. With a bit of efforts, you could easily make yourself a decent cup of coffee. The missus and I once did a test by comparing coffee from hario V60 and espresso machine. The coffee made from Hario V60 is much more light and less oily due to the absence of oils and  micro grounds. Some might argue that the coffee would loss a lot of it flavour without those things mentioned. However, it all down to preferences.



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