Bandai Best Hit Chronicle Cup Noodles Review

Having Nissin Cup Noodles obsession? You must have heard of the cup noodles that would not be readied in 3 minutes, or haven’t you? Here is our review on the cup noodles that would not be readied in 3 minutes!

Well, you might already know by now, the cup noodles that would not be readied in 3 minutes is not actually a cup noodles that you could put in your mouth. It is literally just a plastic model kit by Bandai.

The 1/1 plastic model kit cup noodles would confuse you for the real cup noodles if putting side by side.

Besides from cooking, building plastic model kit (aka plamo) is also one of the many hobbies that I picked up since when i was kids. It all started as just regular time killing hobby but it turned into obsession in recent years (in a good way i guess?).

When I first stumbled upon this cup noodles, I instantly per-ordered it before informing the missus. She soon found out the next day and thought that her man was crazy. I even discussed with friends who some of them are also regular gundam model kits builder, and they too doubted my decision. However, if you are someone like me, who loves plastic model kit and the occasion late night snack of cup noodles, or just love Japanese culture in general, this model kit might not disappoint you.

Box Art

I love the indication on the top left corner saying it is a plastic model, do not eat. The sign saying do not pour hot water is just hilarious.

Starting with the box art. It is a solid box art design i would say. If showing this to people who are less familiar with plastic model kit, they might think this as some limited edition edible Nissin cup noodles.

What’s Inside

The cup noodle letters are perfectly molded with correct colour separation. Even the gold strips are molded in nice gold colour. So far so good!
However, the prawns. They are not colour accurately but molded in one tone milky orange colour.
I am surprise that they made the noodles into multiple parts. I am impressed!
Here are the leek and some stickers for the cover and the back of the cup. Besides that, they do provide the prawns with stickers. hmmm~

There are a total of 14 runners. All molded in the exact colour except the prawns. They do provide stickers for the prawns but i doubt it would do good due to the rough surface texture and curve surface of the prawns.


The build is pretty straight forward I would say. You started with the top of the cup, follow by the bottom, and then the middle part.

After you finished the top and bottom, you would then continue by building the cup noodle font next. Noodle or noodles? Really, I am confused.

notice that the カ was not displayed correctly. You would need sticker or some touch up with red paint.

Assemble everything together and your cup is readied. Next would be the noodles.

Building the noodles are pretty straight forward as well. You first started by building the internal part and cover with the outer layer parts. It is fun and simple, also it gave it a nice 3D and solid feel.

Here is the internal part of the noodles.

The rest of the parts are the mystery meats (yup no kidding, they actually called it as mystery meat), eggs, and prawns.

Painting and Applying decals

Painting is not much necessary here as most of the parts are molded in the right colour. I just painted the prawn and do some dry brushes on the eggs and meats.

Painting plastic and to make it looks like real food is so tough. I dry brushed it with red and some brown. Finally, cover it with white paint. Turns out alright I think.
The eggs and mystery meats that I had dry brushed.

Applying decals or stickers were a bit challenging as most of the decals are quite big. However, once it was applied nicely, it would look great on it. Just avoid the prawn decals, they just don’t stick whatsoever.


Best Hit Chronicle Cup noodle by Bandai is a fun and simple kit to build. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves plastic model. Some touch up is required on some of the minor places, but it would not be a problem if you do not wish to paint, as decals are provided.

The only down side is the prawns. If only the prawns were all pre-painted out of the box but then again, this model kit is only 20 USD (80 plus Ringgit).

Review aside, it is time for me to slurp some actual cup noodles while admiring my built.

I got mine from and they were kind enough to give me a cup noodles for free.

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